True Confessions of a Mom: Go Eat Something!!

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True Confessions of a Mom:  Go Eat Something!!

“Go Eat Something!” That is what I usually say when the nagging begins.  It never fails to happen mid-morning, mid-afternoon, dinner and snack time.  The cries of “what is for lunch” and “I’m hungry”.  Almost always, amidst these whines made from boredom, I will tell them to just “go eat something”.  They trudge into the kitchen happily and return with an apple or a cookie and the situation has been averted for at least a little bit. I take that phrase of “Go Eat Something”...

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The Hand of Providence

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Ross Insurance is dedicated to recognizing the wonderful community efforts and achievements of those we insure. In keeping with that tradition, we would like to take a moment and let you know about something wonderful that just happened this last weekend at Providence Ministries! You may not know the history of this amazing establishment, but it was first breathed to life by Sister Margaret Mcleary 35 years ago! Providence Ministries has a real heart for service. That is so...

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