Pages Loft Is Back And Better Than Ever!

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Finding a restaurant that encompasses fine dining at a fair price can be hard to come by these days. This however, is not the case for Pages Loft in Northampton located inside the Clarion Hotel. Pages Loft is once again the place for great food at an incredibly reasonable price. Pages Loft began when founder George Page Sr. first built the Northampton Hilton Inn, now known as the Clarion, in the 1960’s. His son, and current owner Bo Page, first served as the assistant...

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Rules of The Road!

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Did you know that motorists and bicyclists have the same rules for the road? Many people are unaware that these two must “share the road” but also share the same rules. When it comes to living in New England think of all of the overpopulated cities that have bicyclists and motorists fighting for who has more authority over major roads and lanes of traffic. From Northampton, to Springfield and even all the way out in Boston, we have a large amount of people who are now using...

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The American Tradition: Tailgating

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It is that time again when the weather is nicer and traveling concerts make their rounds to almost every city. Last night at the old Mountain Park, (click here for some really neat pictures of the amusement park at its best!) in Holyoke MA, The Counting Crows performed.  The idea of getting together with good friends and family to enjoy good music and food is a perfect way to enjoy any summer, which is how tailgating became popular in the first place. With the summer...

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