Social Media=Social Matrimony

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Ever heard of a “Grouposal”? Groupon, a famous online coupon business promoting coupons for local business through different social media websites, made headlines recently as one eager man proposed to his girlfriend using the online coupon site. Greg, the man behind the plan, contacted Groupon with the idea of creating his own coupon to propose to his girlfriend, a longtime fan of the online coupon site. Through creative use of the website, Greg created his own proposal and...

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Post Holiday Advice

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One great thing about the holiday season, aside from the holiday cheer, is that usually there is an exchange of gifts between the ones that you love. It’s that special time of year that people rigorously shop for things they know their loved ones will cherish and put to good use. With all of the love and thought going into the presents you receive this holiday, wouldn’t you like to ensure that they are protected? Higher end items including jewelry or top-notch electronics...

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3 Easy Tips For A Child Proof Home

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One of the most prided memories a parent has is when their child takes their first steps. However, most parents would agree that shortly after those first few steps your child will be running all over the house which is why doctors recommend baby proofing your home before your child becomes mobile. Young children have the ability to get into the smallest of places and with their small fingers and curiosity they can quickly find themselves in a not so safe situation. Below...

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Meet Ernie Ross Jr. of Ross Insurance!

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This week’s Meet & Greet highlights Ernie Ross Jr, Partner of Ross Insurance Agency. Ernie came to the agency straight from Georgetown University in 1972, and except for a five year sabbatical to work at the State Senate, has been here ever since. Besides commercial insurance, Ernie’s expertise lies in group life and health insurance. He also works closely with the account managers. You’ll notice there is a lot more to Ernie than just insurance in the video below. Be...

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O’ Christmas Tree: 4 Steps To Safety

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Decorating for the Holiday season is a worldwide tradition that many still incorporate into their holiday routine. However, with these added decorations comes added responsibility as a homeowner. Below are a few ways to ensure your holiday is merry this season: 1.-Decorating your Christmas tree with strings of lights is one of the first things people do to decorate. Throughout the years these lights need to be replaced. Throw away damaged light sets, or sets that appear to...

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