Save money on gas for your next road trip!

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014 in ,

Summer is the perfect time for road trips. Whether you going a short 2 hours away or a 20 hour trip, there is always a worry on everyone’s mind…gas money. In addition to planning your expenses for your actual trip, you have to take into account gas money too. With prices constantly rising, this can be frustrating. However, there are some gas saving strategies that could save you money while traveling this summer! 1. Alternate between air conditioning and rolling the windows...

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Swimming Safety Tips: Fact or Myth?

Posted by on May 29, 2014 in

The month of June is usually when homeowners begin to open their pools. Swimming is a favorite activity of mine in the summer and I’m sure it is for many others as well. However, there are many dangers to swimming or owning a pool that sometimes we forget to keep in mind. I will be doing a 3 part blog series on the dangers of swimming pools. Of course this isn’t to scare you, it’s to help ease the stress of owning a pool and maybe even save a life! This blog will focus on...

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Simple Pool Maintenance Tips

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Swimming is an ultimate favorite past time for many people in the summer (including myself).  Last year I wrote a blog about pool safety,  so this year I decided to write about keeping up with a clean pool. Along with the fun of having a swimming pool there is also a lot of work involved to keep your pool looking crisp and clean.  Maintaining a pool can be difficult or a breeze, it all depends if you are cleaning it right.  Follow these simple tips in order to spend less...

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Come Sail Away!

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Getting off land and into the water is one of the best ways of cooling down this summer. Whether you are diving into the water, or taking control of your boats’ steering wheel, it is important to make sure that you are prepared if an accident were to occur.  Often times people forget to pack important things when boarding a boat, and find that they are unprepared when an accident strikes. Below are a few ways to incorporate safety into the mix so that your trip off land is...

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