The Challenge of a Lifetime

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“To reap the rewards you have to do the work” says Billy Star, a man whose athletic ability brought him accomplishments including a 400 mile hike through the Appalachian Trail. Though Starr has his fair shares of athletic achievements, it is his involvement with the Pan- Mass Challenge that most know him by. At 49 years old, Billy’s mother Betty had lost her battle against melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer. Shortly after her passing, Billy and a few...

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Allie’s Five O’Clock Fund

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At the very young age of just 2 years old, Allison Guarente’s parents Bob and Marge were informed that their daughter had an optic glioma, a tumor on her optic nerve. The tumor would leave Allison visually impaired even after undergoing treatment to remove the tumor. Allison underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor which left her blind in one eye. They later discovered that a second tumor had developed behind her other eye which left Allison’s vision at...

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