Guest Blog: Trupanion Pet Insurance- Naughty Pet? 5 Tips To Prevent Bad Behaviors

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Since your Massachusetts homeowner insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by your pets, you might want to check out some tips from Stacy Kowalchuk about preventing bad behaviors from your pets. Naughty Pet? 5 Tips To Prevent Bad Behaviors Many pet owners have undoubtedly experienced the awful moment of returning home from work to find that something was chewed or destroyed by their pet. Chewing and destructive behaviors are common for new pets or those that are not used to...

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Guest Blog Post: Trupanion Pet Insurance

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Enrolling a pet with pet insurance as early as possible will help ensure that exclusions for pre-existing conditions are avoided. Pre-existing conditions are commonly excluded in pet health insurance plans, and are described as any illness which first occurs prior to the pet’s policy inception date. An injury or recurrence of an injury can also be considered a pre-existing condition.   Enrolling a pet as a puppy or kitten helps avoid these pre-existing conditions...

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