True Confessions of a Mom: “I Will NOT Get A Cat”

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“I will not get a cat!” These were my exact words. My husband and children had been pressuring me for some time about getting a cat.  This was not our first cat.  We had an amazing little feline friend we named Lucky.  He was probably the best cat in the world. Soft, black coat and striking yellow eyes. For 9 years he completed our family, as only other pet owners would understand.  He was  cozy and warm and took his spot proudly on our laps, which aided in...

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True Confessions of a Mom: Why You Might Have Hospice Care All Wrong.

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True Confessions of a Mom: Why You Might Have Hospice Care All Wrong.   Hi! Yes, You! The one who clicked this link out of curiosity about Hospice!  Can I ask you a question? If I were to say the word Hospice to you, what would come to mind? Cancer? Someone who is ready to take their last breath? A sorrowful time filled with tears and depression?  Workers telling everyone to be quiet and keeping visitors at bay? I believe, in my own opinion, that Hospice has a gloomy...

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Winter Camping In Massachusetts

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Camping season is not just a warm weather activity as many people enjoy the exciting outdoors in the beauty of winter. However, off season camping in Massachusetts involves a great deal of preparation that may not have been needed in the warmer New England weather. Below are just a few things that can eliminate an unexpected problem during your camping trip: –Navigation: Bring a map of the area you will be camping in and use a protective case or bag to carry it along...

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