3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health

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Did you know that there are certain foods found in most households that are proven to help reduce the risk of certain health problems? It’s true, there are many inexpensive foods that are found in many homes that can help reduce common health problems. Take a look below to see for yourself!   Coffee- This common morning pick-me-up serves more purposes than just a caffeine boost, it can help ward off diabetes! Coffee is filled with chlorogenic acid and magnesium which...

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A Guide To Facebook Updates : Part 2

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Facebook continues to change, and as promised, we have broken down the latest updated features into more simpler terms to provide you the ultimate social experience. (Click here to see our first “Facebook Update” review!) Social Reporting Tools: When you come across inappropriate or offensive material on Facebook, you are advised to report the problem to Facebook so that they can handle the issue. -Many Facebook users have one time or another come across...

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A Guide To Facebook Updates

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Social media has taken the world by storm in the last several years and Facebook in particular has managed to change the way of living. About seven years ago, Facebook was  created by several    individuals, Mark    Zuckerberg in particular, to  help mainly the college  communities of Boston  schools, such  as Harvard and Boston  University, keep in contact  with one another. This  would make it easier to  reconnect with friends, a  chance to meet new ones and above all see...

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Holyoke’s Children’s Museum: A Place To Explore Creativity

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The weather outside is still a bit chilly for outdoor playtime and with kids going stir crazy inside, what is a parent to do? The Children’s Museum in Holyoke welcomes your entire family to explore in the world of creativity. At the museum, children are encouraged to use their creativity through several of their highlighted exhibits. Stations including arts and crafts, the world of science, and make believe “Cityscape” help children explore the world around them and learn...

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Check In At The Wilbraham Inn

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Looking for an affordable place to stay in the Western Massachusetts area? Look no further than the Wilbraham Inn located on 2009 Boston Road. At the Wilbraham Inn, customer service and satisfaction is the number one priority. Currently owned by Raj and Mala Patel, the Wilbraham Inn has been bringing in out of town visitors to the Wilbraham area for several years. Conveniently located just minutes away from the Eastfield Mall, one of the largest malls in Massachusetts,...

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