A Guide To Facebook Updates

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Social media has taken the world by storm in the last several years and Facebook in particular has managed to change the way of living. About seven years ago, Facebook was  created by several    individuals, Mark    Zuckerberg in particular, to  help mainly the college  communities of Boston  schools, such  as Harvard and Boston  University, keep in contact  with one another. This  would make it easier to  reconnect with friends, a  chance to meet new ones and above all see...

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Why Your Keys Could Welcome An Intruder

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In efforts to make doing business easier, many places now offer “loyalty tags” in which you can earn reward points towards your next purchase just by flashing your loyalty key tag. These key tags are usually added to your key ring to make shopping easier. However, it has recently been discovered that these tags could pose a threat to your privacy. In recent news, a woman reported that she had lost her set of keys while shopping and despite announcements through the...

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A Winter Workout!

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Looking for a fun and new way to get your exercise in this Winter? Check out “snowshoeing”, footwear specifically made for walking over the snow. Snowshoes are shoes that distribute the weight of the person over a larger area of ground so that when walking, the person doesn’t sink into the snow. Don’t be overwhelmed by the large size of these shoes, as they appear to be several sizes larger than regular walking shoes. These shoes are believed to have originated in Central...

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A Stress Free Tax Season

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Though tax season has yet to officially begin, now is the best time to gather important information from over this past year. If your employer doesn’t provide you with a business automobile and you use your own vehicle to travel for work related ventures, it is beneficial to add up the sum of miles used over last year before it comes time to actually file. Some people make a note of how many miles they’ve used when out on business related excursions but if you were not so...

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Savory & Simple Suppers For Any Busy Schedule

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Do you crave delicious dinners during the week but just don’t have the time to prepare and cook on a nightly basis? Well you are not alone and you are also in luck because Atkins Farms Country Market in Amherst MA has just the solution for you. Savory Suppers is a meal preparation service that Atkins hosts several times a month. They take care of the planning of meals, shopping for groceries and even preparation, all that you have to do is assemble your meals. First, you...

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