3 Tips To A Happier Winter

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Have you been feeling unmotivated or lagging lately? Well you are not alone, and winter weather may be the one to point fingers at for your change of emotion. SAD or seasonal affective disorder, is a mild form of depression typically caused by the long winter months and reportedly affects 2-5 million people each year in North America. Sure the winter season has its beauty when everything is covered in snow, but for some it also brings along frustration of dropping...

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Kick Those Winter Blues

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Having fun with your children in the winter doesn’t always have to be outside where conditions may be colder than you can handle. Finding fun and affordable places to go will help keep your kids from getting out of hand without costing you a fortune! If your children enjoy art…Check out the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst MA. A great place to tap into your own childhood and also entertaining your children. You’ll see some of your favorite Eric Carle illustrations and,...

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