Alternative Heating Sources For Your Home

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Environmental concerns and rising energy costs have many homeowners considering alternative heating sources. Pellet stoves, wood stoves, space heaters, and fireplaces are some of the options homeowners have when choosing an alternative heating source. Before choosing which heating source is the best for you, you should winterize your home first to prevent any unwanted cold air from sneaking in. ·       Hang curtains or blinds over windows. Heavy curtains, blinds or even...

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Guest Blog: Stacy Kowalchuk ” Surviving Winter With Your Pet”

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Stacy’s dog Ellie smiling by the fire As the weather continues to get colder, it’s important to think about our pets and keeping them warm and happy through winter. Even though they have their own fur coats, many of them may need extra warmth in the cold, especially when going outside. Here are a few basic tips: Paws: After a dog walk down an icy sidewalk or a romp in the snow, be sure to wipe down your pet’s paws. They may have collected snow, salt, or...

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Winter Camping In Massachusetts

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Camping season is not just a warm weather activity as many people enjoy the exciting outdoors in the beauty of winter. However, off season camping in Massachusetts involves a great deal of preparation that may not have been needed in the warmer New England weather. Below are just a few things that can eliminate an unexpected problem during your camping trip: –Navigation: Bring a map of the area you will be camping in and use a protective case or bag to carry it along...

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Kick Those Winter Blues

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Having fun with your children in the winter doesn’t always have to be outside where conditions may be colder than you can handle. Finding fun and affordable places to go will help keep your kids from getting out of hand without costing you a fortune! If your children enjoy art…Check out the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst MA. A great place to tap into your own childhood and also entertaining your children. You’ll see some of your favorite Eric Carle illustrations and,...

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