The American Tradition: Tailgating

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It is that time again when the weather is nicer and traveling concerts make their rounds to almost every city. Last night at the old Mountain Park, (click here for some really neat pictures of the amusement park at its best!) in Holyoke MA, The Counting Crows performed.  The idea of getting together with good friends and family to enjoy good music and food is a perfect way to enjoy any summer, which is how tailgating became popular in the first place.

With the summer concerts filling up weekends, and making their rounds through local venues it’s important to incorporate some safety into your plans as well.

Getting the party started before the opening act is a great way to get social with other concert attendees and sets the tone for sharing a great musical experience. With great music also comes great responsibility. Whether you are firing up the grill, or filling up the cooler with refreshing drinks you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. Circumstances such as hot coals being thrown under cars, or in the beds of trucks, can lead to a tragedy or to a claim filed on your auto policy. Adding comprehensive coverage to your current auto policy could help you when dealing with an accident such as hot coals catching flames. However, your coverage is subject to your deductible, but any of our agents would be glad to review your coverage options beforehand. An unexpected accident could turn any good time into a nightmare and could also lead to severe injury. Although in the event of an accident, we are happy to help you along the way when filing a claim.  Simply contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Take a look at the show schedule for Mountain Park and come enjoy a part of history!

When taking part in the American tradition of tailgating, remember to incorporate safety into the mix and avoid a disaster and enjoy the show!

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