The Comeback Kid!

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The Comeback Kid!

There is a lovely girl I know.  She is tall and sweet and graceful.  Her name is Maddy and she is my niece.  Maddy just turned 16 years old and she is a kind girl who is also a dancer.  From the time she was young her mother had her in dance class.  She sacrificed a lot, and still does, so Maddy can do what she loves.  The first time I watched her dance I thought to myself “she clearly gets this talent from me.” Listen, in my head I am a fantastic dancer – she very well could get it from me!   When she was up on the stage she floated and I was in awe of her.

One day she started having severe pains in her arm.  It was swelling and hurting very badly.  She was brought to the emergency room and admitted for a blood clot.  She was in the hospital for several days and underwent a lot of tests.  At the end, she was told it was very likely she wouldn’t be able to dance again.

There is something you need to know about Maddy.  Aside from her graceful fluid movements she has the determination of a pitbull.  When she was first told that dancing and tumbling may not be a future option for her, she was broken.  This was her life.  But something happened.  Her eyes started to get a flare about them as if to say…”we’ll just see about that.”  Quietly in moments of talking with her mom, she was heartbroken thinking that the thing that brings Maddy such joy could be bad for her body.  No one really knew what the outcome would be.

This last weekend, I sat in auditorium full of dancers.  They were giving it their all. In the center of one particular group stood a tall beauty.  My niece Maddy.  Her arms swayed and her legs kicked like they were on hinges (she doesn’t get that from me).  I was overwhelmed with just what her determination got her.  Not only did she do beautifully, but in all the times she couldn’t dance and her future was unclear, she was still at the studio helping and doing what she could.

Is there something you are thinking of giving up on?  Determination is a powerful tool.  I’ve seen first hand the beautiful things that happen when someone sets their mind to something and achieves their dream.  Don’t give up! No matter what age you are, you can be a comeback kid!