The Perfect Gift for your Mom this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Are you stuck trying to find the perfect last minute gift? Sure, you can buy her flowers or candy but how about something more meaningful and perfect for any age. I was browsing online to find a creative gift to give to my mom and I came across a Mother’s Day time capsule a couple of times. It’s a gift that will bring tears to her eyes…happy tears of course and something she will remember forever.

A traditional time capsule is usually buried in the ground, but this time capsule does not need to be buried. Keep it in a safe place so if you move it will move with you, and your mom can look at it whenever she wants to bring a smile to her face.

Step 1: The Container

If you choose to bury your time capsule the container must be waterproof and sealed tight. If you choose not to bury it, you can be as creative as you want. Use a shoe box, a jar, a wooden box…whichever fits your personality the most! Be creative with the outside, draw pictures on it or wrap it in wrapping paper.

Step 2: The Memories

Once your container is set up it’s time to add in the most important part….the memories. Even though you can’t put actual memories in the box, you can use items that represent memories. The items to put in the time capsule should be personal to you and your mom.  Here are some ideas…

  • Current and old picture of you and your mom
  • Special drawings
  • A letter telling her your favorite qualities about her or some of your favorite childhood memories
  • CD of her favorite songs
  • Poem to her
  • Menu from your favorite restaurant you like to eat at together
  • If it’s a child making the capsule: trace their hand, or cut a ribbon for the length of their current height.
  • Write a letter about where you see yourself in the future
  • Piece of jewelry or cloth that means something special.

The possibilities are endless but remember the more personal the better! When you give the time capsule to your mom have tissues and a camera ready. Give her instructions as to when she can open the capsule again and where you want it stored.  This is a gift any mom will never forget.

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  1. The traditional time capsule is assembled and then buried in the ground until a date in the future. In this day and age, when we move from place to place every few years, this isn’t as feasible, so you can put a creative spin on it. And anyway, wouldn’t it be nice for Mom to be able to look at her time capsule treasures whenever she pleases, instead of burying them deep in the ground?

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