The Purge of January

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The Purge of January:




January is the time to de-clutter. We clean out coat closets,  our bodies of toxins,  under beds and the tupperwear drawer.  (oh man….that dreaded tupperwear drawer….where random lids go to die.) De-cluttering is good feeling!  Purging what you no longer need and making room for all this new year has to offer.  That’s right….strut around like that proud de-cluttered peacock that you are!! You did it!

My question is this.  How did you de-clutter your file cabinet?  Your receipt bin?  Your dining room table that is taken over by bills, papers and payments?  It can be daunting.  We arent really sure what should be tossed and what should be saved.  If we happen to know we should save something….do we know how long?  I mean….do we stock pile it for now or FOREVER??  What about this Starbucks receipt???? What about my paycheck stubs?  HELP!!!!!!


Ok. Take a deep cleansing breathe.  We are here to help.  We put up a nifty little chart that is going to help you understand the age old question:  “To shred or not to shred?”



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