Tis’ The Season For Safety

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The holiday season may be known as the season of giving, but it is also a time when fraud and theft are high risks problems. Below you’ll find a few ways to better keep yourself, and your personal belongings, safe from theft or fraud:

-Choose a bag or purse that you can hold onto such as a clutch or fanny pack. Bags with long straps that can be wrapped around your arms could cause injury if you are involved in purse snatching.
-Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and if possible carry only necessary credit or debit cards, checks and your drivers license.
-Do not carry these items in your back pocket as they are more likely to fall out or can be grabbed. Keep these items in the front of your pockets.
-Do not leave your purse or wallet in any shopping bags that you carry in the event that you misplace these bags or someone grabs them from you.
-Leave the stores you are shopping in with a group of people and not alone, safety is in numbers. You can also ask a store security officer to walk you to your car if you feel uncomfortable.
-Be alert when making high end purchases as carrying these labeled bags could tip off criminals. If possible place these items into plain nondescript bags.

In the event that your purse or wallet has been stolen, your homeowner policy includes coverage for stolen items. However, coverage for cash is limited on a standard homeowner policy to $200 and is subject to your deductible. Just because the risk of fraud and theft is high around the holidays, do not let that deter you from enjoying this holiday season. By staying aware of your surroundings at all times and taking necessary precautions, this holiday season can still be just as joyous as you had planned.

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