True Confessions of a Mom: Motivational Fitness

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True Confessions of a Mom: Motivational Fitness



Motivational fitness. Hmmm. What exactly is that? In my simple mind it means using motivation to help you get fit. Now….let me say that everyone is different. I understand that. Some people need to be screamed at (not me, I cry too easy), some people need a loving and gentle touch (not me either….I will totally take advantage of that) some people need nothing (again not me….if I don’t think about it, I won’t do it.) So what can we do that can motivate us? There are some great things out there designed to be motivational without being “all up in your face”.

Motivation can come in all different forms and means something different to each person, and for that reason alone, motivation is very personal. There is not cookie cutter motivational tool, which is probably why fitness is a multibillion dollar empire!   Let’s look at some of the different things you can use to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey!

  1. A fitness band: Take a look at my review of my Garmin Vivo Fit Activity tracker! There are so many of these trackers out there….Fit Bit, Nike Fuel Band, Fit Bit Flex etc. They all do primarily the same thing. They help you make a fitness goal and remind you to work at it. They have so many helpful features too… find out what they are click here:


2.  Journaling: Do NOT sweep this little gem under the rug! It is a valuable tool! I can tell you when I actually write down what I eat every day, you would think that it was what my whole family has eaten. It can be shocking to see! Journaling your feelings are also helpful. 4be1791fb63690c11fd59c0a54445e0d

So many times if I have had a bad day or have been under a lot of stress, I find myself mindlessly eating chips in the kitchen or stopping at the store for ice cream. When you have an outlet such as journaling it gives you the opportunity to write down your feelings, recognize them and NOT EAT THEM. Reflecting on what you write and learning your bad habit triggers can be incredibly motivating!!

3.  Support Groups: These days you can find support and help just about anywhere. A great place to look is on Facebook! Chances are you know someone who is struggling to be healthy too! Join a group on Facebook or better yet start one! Success can be so much greater when you have friends in the same place who are also trying to help keep you going! You can share recipes, healthy snack foods, exercise ideas and have the added benefit of getting all those things in return.

4.  Phone apps: Things like My Fitness Pal or Couch to 5K are just 2 of the millions of apps you can download to your phone or tablet. Search the app store and type in what you are looking for. Walking apps? They have them. Food tracking? Yup! Running apps? You bet! Healthy recipes? Even those!! If you have a smart phone or tablet, put it to use!So many ways to stay help stay motivated! Pick one or all of them and get to it!!

Motivation is personal; it may be trial and error….but when you find what works for you? Watch out!!! You will be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

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