True Confessions of a Mom: My People Need Me

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Confessions of a Mom:  My People Need Me!


Grass.  It is the enemy.  It makes me sneeze……horribly.  Not the dainty, delicate, “oh isn’t she precious” sneeze……but the HOLY COW did you just sneeze up an organ kind of sneeze.  The only thing that makes me feel worse than grass is dirt.  I believe dirt and grass have teamed up in an effort to kill me.  Ok, that may be slightly dramatic, but if you felt like I do in their presence you would see the need for such a drastic comment.  If it were up to me I would have a paved back yard, maybe painted green to give the illusion of grass.  I just can’t handle it.  My yard should be a barren wasteland of dead dandelions and tumbleweeds (think old western shoot out scene) but I have a secret weapon!!


Whoops….that is Ryan Gossling NOT my husband. My mistake.


ok….THIS is my husband Jeremy!

Let me introduce you to my own personal Landscape wizard. My husband Jeremy!  He is amazing.  He loves to be outdoors and mow……everyones lawn.  We don’t have a large yard so I never understood how it would take upwards of 2 hours to mow.  I made the mistake of asking him once why it took so long.  He looked at me like the question itself was insulting.  Apparently there is far more to yard care than mowing.  There was edging and weed whacking and blah blah blah….. (I think I started making a grocery list in my mind somewhere in the middle of the proper gas mixture for the blower).   Lesson learned.  Don’t question a man and his mower.  Ever. jeremy9 (2)

We have a system in place.  I pick out the plants and flowers and place them and he plants them.  Not a bad plan if you ask me!  No sneezing from me, and he is fully engrossed in his element.  He loves to create planting beds and does such an amazing job that people stop to tell him how lovely it is and won’t let their dogs do their business on our grass.  Speaking of not letting things on the grass, there was a time when he was a slight grass tyrant.  Bikes couldn’t be parked on it.  I mean, c’mon….why would you park on the grass when there is a big empty driveway to use! Slip and Slides? How could you even suggest a grass killing and smothering torture device be placed on the velvety green carpet?jeremy3 (2)  I am pleased to report that this was a short lived phase, but the kids never did get that slip and slide.

One day as we were sitting in the afternoon there was a knock at the door.  One of the ladies from a street over was standing on our stoop asking Jeremy how he edges out his garden beds. jeremy8 (2) Was there a special tool?  She asked if he could swing by their house over the weekend and show her how he does it.  He agreed and shut the door while turning towards me slowly with a smirk.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He started putting his sneakers on, and I asked where he was going.  He declared “I am going up there right now because I know they are home….I mean honey….my people need me”!  As I stared at him gathering his edger and other things (I am sure he gave me the names of these tool thingy’s but I was probably just nodding and smiling and have no recollection of it) I was so proud of him!  He loves what he does and does it well!jeremy 1

It is a great lesson for the kids about taking pride in what you do and always doing it to the best of your ability.  They can see that in action in their dad and I appreciate that!jeremy5 (2) It is also a great lesson for all of you who are not inclined to do yard work to “forget” to take your allergy pills on yard work day.  Not that I have EVER done that…..Not as far as Jeremy know anyways!

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