What All Homeowner’s Should Be On The Lookout For

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In Connecticut news, a woman believes to have been “scammed” by a man posing as a roofer. The woman recalls a man coming to her door and explaining that he had performed roofing work on her home several years back and had noticed some minor damages while driving by the home. He then offered to take a look at any damages and make the repairs for the woman right then and there. The woman agreed and allowed him to travel within her home to get on top of the roof. An older woman, who was in the same vehicle as the alleged roofer, exited the car and approached the woman’s home to engage in friendly conversation. The man then walked out of the home and said they would have to leave to get better ladders and would be back shortly. The woman who owned the home later discovered that a lock box hidden in her closet had been broken and some possessions were missing. The man and the older woman who accompanied him, needless to say never returned. Hearing news like this can be hard to take, but the important message to learn from this is to be on alert for suspicious activity. Police are still investigating but encourage homeowners in the future to verify who you are speaking with and to call local authorities if you have any questions.


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  1. We must all be very cautious in situations like this. Always follow your gut. If it doesn’t feel right say no thank you!!

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