What Cartoons Teach You About Insurance

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If your children are anything like mine, then you are familiar with their interest in watching cartoons. Come Saturday morning, sitting down and watching morning cartoons is something that almost every child has experienced one time or another. Taking away from this unspoken Saturday morning cartoon ritual, I’ve realized that there are quite a few lessons that adults could take away from our children’s cartoons as you’ll see below.

1. Whether or not you grew up in the generation of “The Ducktales” you may still be familiar with the character Scrooge McDuck-a wealthy duck famous for diving into his expansive gold coin collection. As an adult, you work hard for the money that you have and even though it may not be enough to swim in, you could be missing out on adding a few extra coins in your account. Insurance companies are always changing, and often times they offer discounts that could help you save money on your Massachusetts auto insurance. When it comes time to renew your policy, contact one of our insurance account managers to go over what discounts you may be eligible for. Paying your premium in full could have you swimming in your savings account just as Scrooge McDuck himself!

2- Looney Tunes cartoons have taught us one of life’s most important lessons, which is especially true when it comes to insurance – expect the unexpected. Sure, the chances of an anvil falling from the sky are not as likely as that in an old cartoon, but the chance of an accident occurring at anytime is still reasonably high. Car accidents and damage to your home are never things that people expect to happen or else they would have been avoided all together. When it comes time to purchase your insurance, consider the unexpected. Insuring the unexpected, such as home insurance in the event of a fire in your home or collision coverage on your car before being involved in a car accident, will help prepare you if the worst was to happen.

3- Walt Disney’s famous production, “Fantasia”, has shown us that even Mickey Mouse can back himself into an out of hand situation. In the film, Mickey tries to take the work out of transferring buckets of water by bringing the broom to life and conducting it to do his work for him. As we all remember, in no time at all Mickey finds himself stranded on a rock surrounded by massive amounts of water. Now as a homeowner who has ever had to handle water damage in their home due to a flood or pipe burst, you tend to relate to that “stranded feeling” of not knowing how you are going to handle massive amounts of water by yourself. Understanding what types of water damage is covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy will help your decision on whether or not you should purchase flood insurance. At Ross Insurance you’ll always have the support of your insurance agent to guide you through handling water damage so you never have to feel “stranded” when handling an accident or claim.

All in all, it seems that some cartoons hold more than just a child’s attention, but actually an important message for us adults to take away from too. Contact one of our insurance agents today at 413-536-8380 to review your current insurance policies.

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