When The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

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The time for blustery New England weather to make its unplanned visit has crept up on us once again as we enter the cold months of winter. However, the temperature is just one of winters most dreaded drawbacks as winter storms in the Massachusetts area are known for their unexpected time and mostly their unexpected accumulations. Meteorologists are working around the clock to provide the most accurate forecasts, but we all understand that predicting the weather is nearly impossible to do. For those of you who are brave enough or unfortunately have to get up and out onto the roads during a snow storm, here are a few ways to drive safely in any New England storm.
Traction is key– Having good tires on your car could mean the world of a difference if you hit an icy patch while driving. Some drivers switch to snow tires which, at the very least, keep your existing tires in well condition through out the months of winter.
Slow Down– Driving slowly is one of the best things a driver can do if driving in a storm. Stay calm if you find yourself unexpectedly in a storm and drive slowly until you reach an area or an establishment that you feel comfortable waiting out the worst in.
Knowing Your Route – Highly populated roads such as highways and intersections are typically areas that are cleared of snow first before the back roads. However, by compacting the snow beneath cars and the heat from exhausts cause the snow to melt and if the temperature is cold enough this water could easily transform into ice. Give your self extra time and space to brake so if your car slides out of control you have enough time and room to get your car back on the right track.
Wear your seatbelt– If you are involved in an accident, wearing your seatbelt could be the difference between life and death. It takes only seconds to do and could save you the rest of your life.
Remind yourself that winter is only temporary and if you are safely inside it is actually, in fact, one of life’s most beautiful treasures. If you are involved in an accident however, please contact any of our agents who can help you through the process of filing a claim and can answer any questions you have regarding your auto insurance. Stay warm and safe this winter from everyone here at Ross Insurance.

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