You Want Me To Kick You Where??

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You Want Me To Kick You Where??



You have been Christmas shopping and are carrying all of your bags out to the car for safe keeping.  Your hands are full and you are struggling to find your keys in your purse.

You are walking down the street alone, reading some emails in your phone.  You don’t notice much around you as you are too busy looking at your phone.

A late dinner is done at the campus Dining Hall and you are walking back to your dorm alone.  You are tired, and can’t wait to get to bed.  You didn’t even notice you were being followed.

The party you couldn’t wait to go to didn’t turn out so well.  Everyone is drunk and someone is coming on to you and won’t leave you alone!

What do all of these situations have in common?  They could all result in an assault, kidnapping, rape or worse.

We had a unique opportunity as an office to participate in a self defense course to learn some tips to be safe.  Matt Moriarity took time to come and share his knowledge with us and it was so informative that we want to share it with you!


This was our fearless leader Matt Moriarity. He has a TON of knowledge and we soaked it up!!



One thing that stands out that Matt told us was to use Common Sense Safety!  If there is no need to be there then you shouldn’t be there.  Always listen to your gut.  You have instinct when it comes to safety, tap into it and if it feels wrong then listen to that feeling and get out!  Always be aware of your surroundings and where the exits are.


Here Matt Is demonstrating on our 14 year old volunteer what to do if someone tries to grab and pull you away. First he grabs you……



then your best bet is to just drop to the ground in a seated position. It is harder for them to remove you and when you sit down you start using your feet and legs to kick the legs and groin of the kidnapper.


If you carry a weapon with you, make sure you actually know how to use it, because if you don’t it can cause you way more harm than not having one.  This knife is a perfect example.sd7  It is a great size, it cradles in your hand, but if you don’t know how to use and control it, it can easily end up OUT of your hand and INTO the wrong hands!


These are the great books he passed around and recommended as reading to gain some insight and get even more great tips on self defense. Dr. Ruthless on Facebook is a great informative site that he recommends everyone take a look at!



We had such a great time learning together that night.  Here is a short list of things to remember:

Weak spots are ears, eyes, nose, groin.

Use your palm to strike someone NOT your fist.  You could break your hand.

Throwing something can cause someone to flinch giving you the time you need to hurt them.

A Carabiner on a key chain can be used as brass knuckles if needed.

Don’t text while walking.  It shows people who may be watching that you aren’t paying attention and you could be an easy target.

Google and Youtube have a ton of videos that you can watch on how to defend yourself from hair pulls, sneak attacks and more.

If you are hiding……turn your cell phone to silent or vibrate.

Let your younger children know that adults should NEVER ask a child for help.  If it is on the up and up an adult will search out another adult to help find his dog.

Wanna see Ross Insurance in action???  Check out this video of the staff doing self defense!!


We hope you liked the inside look of our self defense course!!  A huge special thanks to Matt Moriarity for taking the time to help keep us stay safe here at Ross Insurance Agency.

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