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At Ross Insurance, we make finding affordable group health insurance in Massachusetts easy for small to medium sized businesses… (Under 2,000 employees.)

Health Insurance Massachusetts

If you are looking for Massachusetts health insurance, we offer a number of group health plans from the leading Massachusetts health insurance companies. When it comes to creating group health plans, you’ll find that Ross Insurance is the perfect partner. We’ll work to understand your needs and create a cost effective plan tailored for you.


Massachusetts’ landmark 2006 Health Care Reform law lead the way in national healthcare reform. With the highest rate of insured residents in the nation, the law resulted in making health care insurance available to more Massachusetts residents than ever before while helping to control costs.

Regardless of plan type, health care insurance pays for your employee’s medical treatment given by doctors, clinics, HMOs, hospitals, and pharmacies. It’s a fantastic benefit to provide to your employees!

Do Massachusetts employers have to offer group health insurance?

The Employer Fair Share Contribution requiring employers with 11 or more full-time employees to offer a group health plan was repealed in 2013. This was done to eliminate potential overlap with Federal Affordable Care Act employer penalties.

Understanding a business’ requirements under both the ACA and Massachusetts law can be confusing –which is why it is best to talk to Ross Insurance today about meeting the necessary requirements for offering group health insurance to employees.

Because of the Affordable Care Act:

  • Allows new categories of Massachusetts residents to qualify for MassHealth Standard benefits or the MassHealth CarePlus coverage.
  • New federal tax credits and subsidies are offered to low and moderate-income Massachusetts residents to help lower insurance costs.
  • Many Senior citizens benefit from lower prescription drug costs.
  • New insurance polices must offer zero-cost preventative services and immunizations without deductibles or co-pays.
  • Policies cannot contain lifetime benefit limits,
  • Insurance companies cannot refuse coverage because of past claim history
  • Those with pre-existing conditions may not be denied coverage.

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To learn more about Massachusetts group health plan options for your business, please contact Ross Insurance and we’ll give you detailed guidance regarding plan options, eligibility, benefits, how to enroll, and any other health insurance related questions you might have.

We’ll help you find a plan for group health insurance in Massachusetts that is the perfect fit for both your business and its employees.

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