Massachusetts Umbrella Insurance

massachusetts umbrella insurance

You’ve always been a careful driver. You yield to pedestrians, slow down at yellow lights, and never tailgate. Accidents aren’t something you worry about because you’re a defensive driver, not an offensive one.

Then it happens.

A car comes out of nowhere. You’re unable to slow down in time. You hit the car, spin out of control, sideswipe another car, and slam into a parked car. It’s over in a few minutes, but the destruction is terrible.

Drivers are injured. Cars are totaled. You’re grateful you have auto insurance.

But what if it isn’t enough?

If you have an umbrella insurance policy, you’re covered.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Every insurance policy you have has a policy limit; the most your insurance will pay if you file a claim. Most people have a $300,000 max for bodily injury and $100,000 maximum for property damage in a car accident.

Some people have less.

In the accident we described above, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine those limits being reached quickly. Without extra insurance to pay the difference, you are responsible for the remaining amount.

Plus, if one of the accident victims decides to sue, they can come after your personal assets – your house, your car, even your checking and savings account.

In Massachusetts, umbrella insurance protects you from that nightmare. It pays what’s left after your auto insurance covers that big accident or your homeowners’ insurance covers a big slip and fall in your home – up to your policy limit.

What Umbrella Insurance Can Do For You

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the big accidents
  • You’ll breathe easier knowing you have an added level of protection if someone sues you for liability
  • You’ll enjoy coverage for some things your homeowners’ or auto insurance might not cover

Umbrella insurance isn’t just for personal insurance. Business owners, professionals, and landlords can all benefit from a policy, too.

It’s hard to imagine being sued for an accident, but it happens every day. Whether you had the bad luck to cause a big accident, a friend tripped and fell in your home, or one of your employees damaged a customer’s property, an umbrella policy is there to cover you when your other liability insurance runs out.

Best of all, an umbrella policy can cost as little as $10 or $12 a month for an additional $1 million in coverage.

Ready to protect yourself and your assets with additional liability coverage? Have questions about umbrella insurance policies? Contact us today.